European project #S(P)EEDKITS: Testing Novel Shelter Solutions in the Sangnioniogo Refugee Camp in Burkina Faso

How advanced textile materials for shelters can improve the lives of refugees

28.10.13 - 15:49 - 4 yrs
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How advanced textile materials for shelters can improve the lives of refugees
From November 1 to 10, the European project S(P)EEDKITS will test novel shelter solutions in the Sagnioniogo refugee camp in Burkina Faso. Researchers of Centexbel (BE), VUB - University of Brussels (BE) and POLIMI- Politecnico di Milano (IT) will evaluate different tent materials and shade nets under guidance of the Shelter Research Unit of the Red Cross - Red Crescent. The need to do so is urgent: the refugees in the camp do not use the previously distributed standard family tents because the climate inside them is intolerable. This shows how the on-going developments within the FP7 project

S(P)EEDKITS already help to improve the lives of people in refugee camps.

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S(p)eedkits Projekt

Im Rahmen des Projektes hat das IBBK die Aufgabe, eine mobile Kleinbiogasanlage für rund 200 Menschen zu entwickeln, die vorwiegend mit den anfallenden Exkrementen betrieben werden soll. Durch eine thermophile Führung des Gärprozesses werden die pathogenen Keime vernichtet und somit das Risiko hygienebedingter Epidemien deutlich verringert.

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"rapid deployable kits as seeds for self-recovery" = S(p)eedkits

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