Aims and Activities


  • Creation of an information- and exhibition platform for manufacturers, traders, industry and operators

  • Promotion of the international technology exchange through link up and arrangement of national and international business contacts

  • Development of feasibility studies and consultancies on Biogas and Bioenergy utilization.

  • Starting and participation in national and international projects for research and dissemination of biogas and bioenergy

  • Planning and holding of qualifying training courses, seminars and conferences about biogas and bioenergy for operators, manufacturers, technicians, and farmers

  • Support, evaluation and dissemination of scientific researches and practical experiences for operators and manufacturers of biogas and bioenergy plants.

  • Active dissemination of information through printed, as well as audio visual publications related to the subject, e.g. market analysis, feasibility studies, press articles, consulting.

  • Organisation and maintenance of an extensive biogas reference library